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Equality -  Diversity -  Inclusion  - Specialists 

"Your knowledge and credibility played a huge part in making today so successful and the materials really stood up to scrutiny. We were really pleased with the programme and thought you pitched it at just the right level"

Vicki  Howells  Learning and Development Manager. Care UK

About Us

We are equality, diversity and inclusion specialists with over twenty years industry experience offering training and consultancy support in a wide range of areas including:
  + Equality and Diversity Awareness for all
  + Equality and Diversity for Managers
  + Equality and Diversity for Leaders
  + Equality and Diversity for Specialists - HR 

  + Equality and Diversity for policy makers
  + Equality and Inclusion in Customer Service
  + Bullying and Harassment
  + Cultural Awareness
  + Unconscious Bias
  + Equality Analysis
  + Monitoring Diversity
  + Diversity Strategy /Policy Writing

  + Unconscious Bias Assessors


     Why Choose Us?

Ethical Training offer a range of training and support services, which go beyond traditional employee benefits to offer employers practical solutions to business and social issues, thereby reducing absenteeism, increasing levels of motivation and improving performance through participation.

Our training programmes are practical, honest and objective. They focus on what an organisation really needs to know, including legal obligations and examples of best practice.

Our programmes are interesting, relevant and offer a diverse range of activities, designed to maximise participation and achieve results through positive involvement.

Although dealing with subjects that are often serious in nature, courses are designed to allow participants to enjoy themselves whilst learning, thereby maximising the benefits to both employer and employee.

We actively promote fairness and inclusion in all our work

Courses are tailored to the particular needs of an organisation.

A full training needs analysis is conducted prior to delivery of the programme to ensure that programmes meet the needs of an organisation in the most appropriate way.

Post course reviews are conducted to enable organisations to assess the impact on their business of the training programme.