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“A diversity of talent drives the creation of an outstanding organisation because when a company has a healthy level of diversity, it becomes apparent to all that there is no monopoly on brains, and that good ideas come from all over the organisation    

Former Hewlett Packard CEO, Norman McCann                


Why Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Matters...

  • Employees feel valued for who they are – and will go the extra mile

  • Customers feel welcomed with their diverse needs being met

  • Businesses are recognized as employers of choice, attracting and retaining the best   

  • Corporate brand becomes synonymous with integrity, invoking stakeholder loyalty


What We Do...


Ethical Training Company are specialist providers of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion   Training Programmes (EDI) with over 20 years industry experience.


We work in partnerships with organisations, to move them beyond a compliance approach to one where EDI is mainstreamed into every strategy and action, enabling the business and all its stakeholders to reap measurable business and moral benefits

Our clients have diverse learning and development needs - A training solution that's just right for a health provider will be be just as wrong for a manufacturing or hospitality company for example.

That's why we don't do off the shelf.

We work with the very large to the very small, across all sectors , making sure you get the tangible results you need. And we can help you measure the impacts of the learning too.

And we guarantee that our programmes wont be dull


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